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Adolescent Therapy

Being a teenager can be extremely difficult and emotionally draining. On top of the physical changes that happen during these teen years, there are daily peer pressures and high expectations that they are constantly facing that can make getting through each day a great task. The good news is that it's possible and it's also an exciting time to be a part of a teen's development and growth. Their minds are still molding and they are at such an impressionable age. 

Teens want to be heard and seen for who they really are. They need a safe haven and someone to talk to that is outside of their everyday world. They deserve the opportunity to be creative and process the ever-changing world that they live in. After working in a school setting with teenagers, I have learned how to support teens and parents through this phase of life. It's important to me that my clients feel safe and heard in a setting free of judgement. 

My ideal teen client is constantly pushing boundaries in and out of school. She or he doesn't know who they are quite yet and they are constantly taking risks to figure it out. Their parents "don't know what to do with them" but all parties involved are willing to try to figure it out. They're complex, brave and tender. They long to fit in, take risks and enjoy the process of learning from their mistakes. They aren't afraid to do the hard things and aren't too tough to cry it out. 

I often use talk therapy combined with mindfulness and creativity so that teens can be solution-focused and learn how to navigate the different situations that they are facing. Some of the topics I specialize in are: 

  • issues related to self-worth and shame
  • grief and loss
  • self-esteem issues 
  • social peer pressures  
  • depression and anxiety 
  • self-injurious behaviors
  • anxiety
  • trauma
  • bullying