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My Person.

Vanessa Flores

My Office. Shout out to my person, my boyfriend, Bryan Newton for painting my walls. 

My Office. Shout out to my person, my boyfriend, Bryan Newton for painting my walls. 

The second week of school has come and gone. I'm in my first FULL year of being a School Social Worker and I must say, it's both challenging and rewarding. I work at a Charter High School called KIPP. We teach our kids the values of courage, tenacity, community, integrity and curiosity. We tell them, "Work hard. Be nice." Our kids know what it takes to climb the mountain to college and they know that they can count on at least one of their teachers to hold them accountable and be a constant in their life. 

When I think about these values and I think about what it takes to be "someone's person," I think about those who don't have one. I think, how lucky am I that I have a person? A person to connect with, to share joy with... a person that "would move a body with me" as Brene Brown puts it. We are all hard-wired for connection. We are all worthy of love and belonging. We all have those people in our lives that either fill up our marble jar or take our marbles away. 

Whoever your person is, I hope you have one. I hope we all have that one person who makes us feel worth it. And if we don't, I hope that we can still love ourselves anyway. 

P.S. The paintings you see in my photo are currently hanging in my office. They are the values that I hope my students will learn to practice every day. It's hard and it's a struggle but it's a practice. 


V. Marie