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Vanessa Flores

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Game Night on The Square I Denton, TX

I took a weekend getaway to visit my best friends from High School that I hadn't seen in a while. We've been friends for over a decade...12 years to be exact. Even though time passes and we're not in constant communication, things seem to always pick up where we left off. Kristina lives in Denton. She is working on her PhD in Psychology and Alexis is now in Law School. There have certainly been a couple things that have happened since High School but one thing that seems to have stayed the same is our bond and love for each other. 

We spent the weekend antique shopping, eating, playing games (literally) and laughing. We caught up on each others' love lives and talked about the future. Things haven't always been perfect and at some point or another, we've each had our own "stuff" that was weighing us down. However, this weekend it was clear that we are all happy. Not only with ourselves but where we're at in life. It was nice to take a deep breath and say, "We've made it. Or, at least we're almost there." 

There's not a lot of people you meet in this world who tend to stick around for a lifetime of friendship. These girls have made me grateful for connection and loyalty. 

Our friendship is old. It's beautiful. It's ever-changing and it's rusty. It's an antique for sure. 

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend! 


V. Marie